The Hazelwood by Melissa Albert

What are you reading?

Originally published on September 24, 2018 here.

You have no idea how long it has been since I was last lost in a good book.

And I mean lost. Albert’s words are almost lyrical. It’s a dark and gritty marriage of fairytale and suspense. It’s perfect for those rainy, fall days (or long summer nights!). It’s the tease to sate your thirst when true horror is too frightening for your taste.

I’m 19 chapters in… I couldn’t wait to share this find with you. Go get your copy and read along with me. I’m going to need someone to discuss the dark treasures found between its covers!

Check out Melissa Albert on Goodreads.

*This book is not for young readers. I will not be allowing my 10-year-old to read it any time soon if I want him to be able to sleep every night for the next ten years, but if you know a young reader who can hack it, by all means!

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