Cyberactivism: Does it Really Help?

Photo by Antonius Ferret from Pexels

Facebook’s Breast Cancer Awareness Meme Went Viral

Remember that wave that went around Facebook at least a few times where our lady friends would post a single color on their status and if someone questioned it or commented on it, they would private message them a pre-copied & pasted blurb about Breast Cancer Awareness?

Yeah, so do I. It was cute. I think I played along, once. Got a good laugh. That was the end of it.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

But did it actually do anything to help fight breast cancer?


It was meant to bring about awareness, I guess. It was supposed to confuse men… Maybe make them curious, but breast cancer is not a strictly female-gender affliction. Men also suffer with breast cancer.

If lack of awareness was the real issue, then I think the campaign would have been more successful. Every October, the country is covered in the color pink: pink football uniforms, pink donuts, pink ribbons pop up just about everywhere. But marketing doesn’t cure cancer.

Turning Awareness into Actual Action

Actual resources, like these posted below, would be more beneficial to the cause. The meme would have been more beneficial if it had been encouraging people to volunteer, donate time or money, sign a petition, or write a letter (Mahoney & Tang, 2017).

Photo by Alina Blumberg from Pexels

The National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc (for volunteer opportunities, ways to donate, etc.)

Breast Cancer Research Foundation (for tips on how to prevent breast cancer)

Breast Cancer Prevention Partners (for tips to prevent, information, and ways to get involved in the fight against breast cancer)


Mahoney L., & Tang, T. (2017). Strategic social media. From Marketing to Social Change, Marblehead, MA: Wiley.

1 thought on “Cyberactivism: Does it Really Help?”

  1. Hi Nicole!
    I love you entire blog space . The them the color scheme is so nice ! I love your tone of voice in this blog I feel like while I’m reading it I can hear your voice even tho I’ve never met you !!
    I agree this meme was unsuccessful in spreading awareness for breast cancer . If anything it became a more sexualized vital campaign. The use of cyber activism in my opinion is really ineffective if the cause and drive to action do connect . I feel like the ideas of cyber activism for people is to fit in or sometimes try to stand out , more so for personal gain then to actually standing for a cause.

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