I Love You, but Your Facebook Posts are Poison(ing Me)

It’s the middle of May and I’m still uninterested in getting back to Facebook. Find me on Instagram, LinkedIn, and look out for me on Goodreads.

Nicole Starleigh, Author

Taking a social media break isn’t new. Doctors and counselors have been recommending it for years as we’ve evolved into a society driven by instant access to these online social communities. On one hand, the community aspect of it carries the appeal–especially in times of global pandemics and epidemics that drastically reduce the in-person part of our social lives. But throw in some of the most controversial social and political events of recent history, and your newsfeed turns into a rollercoaster from hell.

“Consider this scenario: You have a few minutes to spare, so you open up Facebook and start scrolling…

“First, you see a post from a friend announcing she just accepted her dream job.

“Then you read an overly political rant from a coworker.

“You keep scrolling and watch a video of your neighbor on some amazing, tropical vacation.

“And now, your cousin just posted a before and…

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