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This Side of Heartache

Elliott Day’s achieved her lifelong dream to live and teach in the same town where she grew up. With family and friends close by and living with her moderately successful dentist boyfriend, Dr. Michael Rosenberg, she ought to feel complete. But Ellie’s life is a facade, and the only person on Earth she would ever dream of trusting with her dark truth moved away for college seventeen years ago and never came home.

Wes Burch has always looked out for Ellie and, despite the time and distance between them, nothing could ever make him stop. When Ellie lays low at his house in the aftermath of an abusive relationship, the spark of that old flame returns with a vengeance—and after all this time, she feels it too. But Ellie is scared to love again, afraid to let go of the one thing that still makes sense: her best friend, Wes. 

But Ellie isn’t the only one fighting demons in the shadows. Reunited almost two decades later, they discover their bond is as strong as ever–but there are two lost little boys in the equation now. Wes’s pain goes deeper than Ellie ever imagined, and it’s going to take a lot more than either is prepared for—and could mean losing one another forever.