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Chasing Ours

Elliott Day used to believe in fairy tales. The train-wreck that was her last relationship with a handsome, older, and financially well-off narcissist was the icing on that cake. Now all she wants to do is keep as busy as possible so she never has to think about love and to avoid her ex-boyfriend at all costs. But that’s not so easy in a little town like Winchester.

When her best friend, Willa Donovan talks her into showing face at the annual Apple Blossom Festival, the last person Ellie expects to run into is the tall, dark, and handsome stranger who was once a long time ago her goofy, dependable best friend, Wes Burch. Now, fatefully reunited after thirteen years of silence, neither can deny the little spark between them that never stopped burning.

But Ellie still reels from the fresh emotional damage her last relationship left behind, and Wes shoulders the guilt of that one stupid mistake that changed everything he and Ellie used to be. With a little nudge from Willa, Wes and Ellie try to pick up where they left off all those years ago–but first, they’ll have to open up their guarded hearts and find a way through the shadows before everything they could have been is lost forever.